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Work trousers .... custom for you

Work trousers are the garment for which the companies have invested energy, professionalism, specific technologies in the design of fabrics with characteristics suitable for all types of use and weather conditions.Unique pants to satisfy customers who work in very different activities, from carpentry and construction, to the engineering industry, from plant engineers to ecological operators, rather than the food and catering industry, pastry, as well as for the medical sector and much more.

Comfortable shapes that adapt to the wearer’s silhouette, friction points reinforced with anti-wear materials, multi-pocket tool-carrying trousers, shaped knees that promote movement, resistant seams to highlight shapes and patterns, elastic fabrics resistant to chemicals or harmful substances that are used in the various workplaces. The brands you will find browsing our. Online catalog are the best in the industry: Cofra, diadora Utility, U-Power, Dike and Industrial Starter for industry and manufacturing, construction, agriculture etc. We wanted to give a wide variety of choices to our. customers to put them completely at ease with safety shoes, accessories, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts and everything you need to work safely and in full comfort.

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Work trousers: another pair of legs

Work trousers have a meticulous design behind, because the legs are the pivot that holds us upright. It is thanks to them that we work in the most different and practical fields such as the industrial sectors. Just for this reason, work trousers must guarantee protection not only from external agents such as sparks or flames, but must also prevent risks of fracture and be equipped with protections at the joints. We are talking about an important piece of clothing where, today, we expect that it is not only safe, comfortable and suitable for the type of work done, but also for fashion and modern design because aesthetic is an important aspect of our life.

Cofra work trousers

The first thing that would come to mind looking at this section with an external eye is: are they really work trousers? The Cofra Drill spring / summer pants look like classic pants! Usually one expects a work pants to be black or in any case neutral and this is not entirely false. Cofra, however, has something extra: it offers a variety of colors that immediately catch the eye and what will surely impress you is that many of these are jeans! But that's not all ... some are even slim fit. And if you are afraid that the 100% cotton fabric will be consumed first with continuous washing, you can play it safe and choose those made with mixed fabrics, which maintain the brilliance of the color even if washed at a temperature of 40 degrees. Not bad, right?

Diadora work trousers

Diadora is a distinctive brand that can be recognized at first glance: from the sporty and captivating style, this brand has become an excellent addition to the world of accident prevention. From bermudas, to common work trousers to elastic ones for maximum comfort. Made with high quality materials, suitable for winter, summer or all seasons, Diadora remains one of the favorite brands of work clothing ever. And we assure you that its popularity is more than deserved.

Winter work trousers

Working in cold environments can lower the level of your performance, because when it's cold we get the urge to do everything or worse, we just can't be productive. It's a pity that you work all year ... but don't worry, because a quality fabric will protect you even from low temperatures. Leafing through our online catalog, you will find waterproof trousers and also the opposite variant: those in flame retardant fabric and if you work in contact with chemical agents, you can choose disposable clothing, so your skin will not run any risk and you will not drag harmful substances at home.

Summer work trousers

Summer is heavy for everyone and the opposite of heavy is light ... I bet that this word is already raising your spirits if you think about the hot and muggy months and we understand you perfectly, but pay attention to the choice you make! You must evaluate the conditions in which you carry out your profession; even if the work shorts seem the most obvious solution in case of hot temperatures, they may actually not be because, although they are comfortable and have pockets, they do not protect against the risk of entanglement or from attacks by chemical or mechanical agents such as acids and solvents or cutting and drilling. However, this does not mean that you will have to work trapped in heavy fabrics: you can opt for long pants but in 100% cotton. Cotton is renowned for being a super fresh fabric and so you will have found the right compromise between "coverage" and freshness. If, on the other hand, you work in quiet environments where you are not exposed to the risk factors listed above and want to wear a comfortable and fresh garment, shorts are ideal!

Women's work trousers

Who said that even at work you can't be fashionable? Remember that a valid brand and a quality fabric make any garment pleasing to the eye. Diadora Utility, U Power, Cofra and much more: the choice is yours! With a wide range of sizes, you will have no trouble choosing the women's pants that will make you feel more comfortable and thanks to work jeans and neutral colors, you will be free to combine the T-shirts, t-shirts or shirts that you want, without fearing a mix of colors that if associated could give the effect of the so-called "punch in the eye". Compose your favorite work outfit and start feeling beautiful even at work. With Lineonline everything is possible!

Men's work trousers

Today, we should have understood that sexism is just a memory ... Well yes, men also look at the aesthetic side and care about choosing comfortable pants and at the same time pleasing to the eye. If you are unsure about the types of trousers to buy, to be on the safe side, discover the news in the category "men's work trousers"; in this section, the most avant-garde clothing lines are usually included, in which safety and elegance are one thing: a simple safety pants looks like a classic work pant ... If you don't believe it, look for yourself!

Multi pocket work trousers

How many times working, you will have forgotten some tools and you will have thought "how much I would like someone to bring it to me now that I need it?". It is a pity that we do not always work in a group, or rather, not always who is with us is at our disposal, so the only thing that remains to be done is to interrupt our work and to refuel the tools we did not have at hand ... Trousers with large pockets help you avoid these problems! Every product you will find on our site is of high quality and the work trousers you choose will have super resistant pockets and big enough to be able to keep all the tools you need in total safety.

Comfortable work trousers

Usually, a standard working day covers 8 hours of our day: they are by no means few and for this reason it is essential to go to work with suitable clothing. Wearing tight clothes with poor finishes can adversely affect our yield by at least 70%, which is why it is essential to choose comfortable and snug work trousers that will lift us from the burden of tackling a heavy day. Choosing from our best brands, you will experience the thrill of wearing pants that fit perfectly to your body, without tightening or leaving marks, and all this makes the difference ... It is not a common place that if we feel comfortable with the our body, we can do everything!

Where to buy work trousers?

One of the many advantages of Lineonline is that it has always answered your questions sincerely. Recommend to buy work pants on our site, without a solid base and in the absence of objective and concrete results, it would be a scam, but we can say with certainty that choosing your safety pants on our site would be a bargain for YOU. Collaborating with historical brands also involves investments for us, but we have always believed in quality as the primary value of an activity. Despite years and years of experience, with over 19,000 orders a month, Lineonline still respects the opinion and satisfaction of the customer and that is why buying in the shoes and clothing categories, you will automatically be entitled to shipping and free returns ... Your needs always come first!