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Knapsack Atomiser

Shoulder sprayer: the solution to your problems

The atomizer is a modern tool, ideal for spraying fertilizers or pest treatments for plants in a correct and homogeneous way. You no longer have to worry about leaving untreated areas, since this technology will allow you to work in total comfort. ... Which is no small thing, because you know that when you are tired, you tend to do everything quickly. However, in doing so, you would risk neglecting certain areas, which later (especially with blooms), the difference and the lack of homogeneity in the results will be noticed!
The keyword in the world of gardening is uniformity, one of the primary purposes is to beautify the surrounding areas, and the atomizer will allow you to meet this criterion perfectly.

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  1. AMA ASP 260 90810 Backpack Sprayer

    26 cc engine 0.70 kW - liquid 7.0 l / m - pressure 25 bar -

    • 2-stroke engine 26.00 cc 0.70 kW
    • Pressure 25 bar
    • Liquid flow 7 lt / m
    • Pull start
    • Weight 9.00 kg
    • In stock - Ready to ship
    • Order now to receive it Thursday, 9 July 2020
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    £161.26 Incl. Tax

  2. Gardena Comfort 3 liter pressure sprayer

    pressure max 3 bar - capacity 3 liters - tube length 1.75 m

    • Capacity 3 l
    • Pressure 3 bar
    • Tube length 1.75 m
    • Safety valve
    • Order now to receive it Monday, 20 July 2020
    • Shipping with express courier
    £50.36 Incl. Tax

  3. Gardena Comfort 12 l. Shoulder sprayer

    capacity 12 l - metal telescopic lance - padded shoulder strap

    • Capacity 12 liters
    • Impurity filter
    • Telescopic lance
    • Order now to receive it Monday, 20 July 2020
    • Shipping with express courier

    Regular Price: £106.21

    Special Price £81.07

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3 Item(s)

Written by Erika C. on 03/07/2020 

Shoulder sprayer: the delicacy of the green

The atomizer is a piece of agricultural machinery used to treat crops and orchards. Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to fertilize and treat the most deficient areas with a homogeneous and uniform jet, without crumpling the leaves. The atomizer reduces the flow of water in small drops so that it can adhere gently to the leaves. A spray generates a sort of airflow that turns the leaves; this way; they will get wet on both sides. The micro drops are so light that they do not slip but adhere perfectly to the leaves. It is a technology studied in detail to ensure that the vegetation receives the necessary treatments where it is needed. It does nothing but emphasizes respect for the environment, taking care of it optimally and with the right intensity. 

Shoulder blast atomizer

The backed-blast atomizer is the ideal solution for treating large areas: the petrol engine will be indispensable because its high power does not fear long and intense work sessions, the fact that it is on the shoulder makes the machine, thanks to suspenders, it can be used as a real backpack. Thanks to the comfort it can offer, this type of atomizer is particularly suitable in the case of disinfestation of large plots of vegetable gardens and vineyards: the weight of the machine will be perfectly balanced on your body, and even prolonged use will not give you any problem. 

How an atomizer works 

The operation of the garden atomizer is straightforward. Equipped with a generally large tank in which the liquid with which one wants to treat the garden or vineyard in question is inserted and starts with a retractable cord: the spray is in most cases adjustable in several positions and the controls placed directly on the joystick will give you even more immediate control over the machine. 

Oleo-mac atomizer

Oleo-mac is an Italian company specialized in the production and distribution of machines and components for gardening. Oleo-Mac has been active since 1972 and is renowned for having always produced quality products throughout the world. This brand offers sprayers with a petrol engine, and you no longer have to worry about the power factor, because this type of power supply can guarantee maximum performance.