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Updated on 08/12/23

Siggi: specific clothing for each sector

Siggi Group Spa is an industrial group specialising in the production of professional attire that has a history of over fifty years based on ethics, enthusiasm and collaboration.  From these values that a brand so sought after - at an international level - has explicitly created for these sectors:

  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Craftsmanship
  • Catering
  • Public administrations
  • Medical/hospital sector

The Italian company stands out for its constant innovation that always guarantees suitability for use, durability, comfort and, above all, safety. In meticulous conformance with the standards of conformity, Siggi garments are unmistakable for their elegant and sober style; in fact, the mere sight of them conveys an irremediably clean and hygienic feeling.

It is no coincidence that Siggi boasts more than the vast range of certifications, with a note of merit for the quality of the company's management system.

Siggi's success is based on full respect for the environment, and the selection of raw materials combines quality and eco-sustainability to perfection, so much so that it has also obtained ISO4001 certification for the environment.

Whether you are a doctor or a restaurateur, Siggi will always find a way to take care of its customers, always anticipating their needs ...Just consider that all materials, as well as the finished products, are tested according to the strictest UNI EN standards before being launched on the market, and the analysis laboratory where the tests are carried out is equipped with rigorously modern and certified instruments.

There is more than evident proof: Siggi has signed the uniforms of the historical chefs of the well-known Masterchef culinary program, and there are several models in which its embroidery is clearly visible!

Siggi Workwear

Siggi Workwear is a line dedicated to equally successful patented technical clothing thanks to this; the company obtained the patent for industrial invention from the Ministry of Economic Development!

The technical clothing for industry and craftsmanship of this line has been specifically designed to meet the needs of different roles in the field, and this is why they are resistant, comfortable and easy to maintain.

Siggi Workwear also has a vast assortment ranging from simple t-shirts to less traditional work clothes such as work overalls suitable for warehouse workers.

Siggi chef's uniforms

Siggi chef's uniforms are unrivalled in terms of elegance, style and precision; these three qualities are essential because it is one of those fields in which "the dress makes the monk"!

The clothes of a chef or a waiter are the first business cards for customers and as such, they must be impeccable to convey a good impression of the activity in question. In this regard, with Siggi you always play it safe: from simple details such as a small button to real finishes... The entire garments have been made with interest, precision and attention to detail. Obviously, all in favour of safety and unparalleled comfort offered by 100% cotton fabrics, fresh and pleasant in contact with the skin!

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