Sparco safety shoes

Sparco safety shoes are considered the most sporty, with an aggressive and dynamic appearance of the collection in our collection catalog; designed and built with the standards used for lines for rally and Grand Prix drivers, the Sparco has a unique and unmistakable style that amazes and captivates the workers most attentive to fashion and safety trends.


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Written on 05/07/22 by Erika C.

Sparco safety shoes: for real sportsmen

Before going into the famous Sparco safety shoes, it is worthwhile to provide a couple of information on this coveted and renowned Italian company. Sparco specializes in the production and distribution of technical clothing and automotive accessories used in the most significant automotive competitions in the world, including Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship. Sparco has therefore decided to devote himself to the production of safety shoes inspired precisely by specific driving shoes, worn by the best pilots in Motorsport. From the unmistakable style with the logo always in sight, Sparco safety shoes will make you feel invincible. If you are a motor enthusiast, you can transform the fatigue of work into a pleasant association with your favorite sport. Everything will be simpler and more efficient!

Sparco summer safety shoes

Sparco summer safety shoes are ideal for the warm seasons: with a modern design 100% made in Italy, these work shoes guarantee breathability and exceptional lightness. Thanks to the S1P protection class, the risk of slipping will only be a thing of the past. Despite the feeling of relief, Sparco will still offer you maximum stability even on particularly tricky surfaces. The composite toecap rather than metal will also give more exceptional lightness than traditional shoes, and you will hardly be able to do without it

Sparco winter safety shoes

Sparco winter safety shoes will be your newest discovery ever. Not detectable by metal detectors thanks to its metal-free composition, these work shoes are the perfect combination of safety and comfort. Light and super stable thanks to the tread with well-highlighted shapes, you will not have to fear liquids such as water, detergents, oils, and hydrocarbons. At the same time, your feet will be comfortable because the material used is not stuffy. With Sparco, to be protected, you won't have to put up with excessive weights and if you're looking for waterproofness from a shoe __ test it yourself!

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