Summer safety shoes

Summer safety shoes ... fresh and light!

The summer safety shoes are shoes designed and built according to the current safety regulations with special measures regarding the lightness, the breathability of the sole, the upper, and the internal parts.

Colorful, dynamic, youthful, and athletic, summer shoes distinguished by a greater variety of very different models, but with a single denominator: safety.

Working in a laboratory, assembling a piece of furniture, a shelving unit, or using an electric tool requires the wearing of a light, soft, and flexible shoe to facilitate movement. Wearing a safety shoe means protecting oneself during working hours without necessarily having to give up fashion trends, personal taste, and feeling at ease.

The companies featured in our online catalog are the most qualified in the production of safety footwear, and each product fully complies with international workplace safety standards.


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  1. Giasco Burgaz S1P SRC Work shoes

    Giasco Burgaz S1P SRC Work shoes

    spring / summer - upper in technical fabric and Micro-tech - metal free - DGUV 112-191 - 3Hybrid line - Made in Italy
    As low as £56.41
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The characteristics of summer work safety shoes 

Written by Petra V. - 11/04/2019

In summer, the high temperature makes all manual and working operations particularly demanding and tiring. Work shoes, as well as clothing, have a significant influence on this aspect and the correct purchase can make the summer months more pleasant during working hours.

Shoes with safety level S1 not only comply with all safety regulations but also ensure that the foot stays dry and fresh thanks to the particular breathability of the fabrics.

It is also worth paying particular attention to summer work shoes with Geox perforated soles, which help to keep the foot even fresher in all work situations, inside and outside.

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