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3 Tips for choosing your inverter welder

Written by Paul V. last update of 11-10-2015

1st tip

Evaluate the level of performance


 1. Evaluate the level of "performance" you want

To choose the  inverter welder suited to your needs the first factor to consider is the use that you will have to do:

a - Hobby use


Domestic use


DIY, Do it yourself,

small constructions and repairs


Power 80°

Electrodes 1.6 and 2.5 mm


This product range includes all welding machines that have small power and low electrical absorption, designed for users  who do not require significant performance:

  • use purely in the home
  • DIY use
  • low purchase cost

You can make small metal constructions  like:

  • railings
  • andirons
  • tables
  • chairs
  • doors
  • small repairs

The average power is around  80-100 amperes. In the Telwin catalog, the Force series perfectly meets these characteristics. The Telwin Force 125 welding inverter has 1.6 to 2.5 mm electrodes.

b- Semi-professional use  


Semi-professional use


Small constructions

with thicknesses greater than 5 mm


Power 125°

Electrodes 1.6 to 3.2


Mid-range welders  are recommended for both novice and experienced users. They are designed for a

  • more continuous use over time
  • to weld even thick profiles
  • electrodes also of 3.2 mm
  • 2.5 mm electrodes for continuous welding without interruptions

Caution: These welding machines cannot be used continuously for 8 hours each day, despite having professional characteristics. 

c-Professional use


Professional use


All kinds of welds


Power 125°

Electrodes 1,6 a 4


The professional inverter welder is designed for the most demanding users to carry out their work:

  • designed to give maximum power
  • low absorption in the electricity grid
  • continuous use 24 h
  • reliability over time 
  • special  Arc Force adjustment:  prevents electrode sticking
  • reduced maintenance

It is possible to weld:

  • heavy carpentry of various kinds
  • small carpentry
  • special metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and iron

Caution. The power of the welding machine is an essential component:

  • professional products start at around 125 Ampère
  • electrodes up to 4.0 mm can be used
The Deca inverter welder and the Telwin inverter welder represent an excellent solution for all types of users, from beginners to expert welders. The Telwin inverter welder also has an excellent price/quality ration which makes it much more convenient than a used inverter welding machine.





2nd tip

Actual usage time


2. Evaluate the actual use over time  

Finally, you have managed to start welding but ...  the welding machine says enough!

How to choose the Telwin inverter welding machine


Nothing unusual happened: your welding machine was overheating and went into protection.

Each welding machine has a specific work cycle that is indicated on a plate placed on the machine or on a table shown in the instruction booklet.


 WHAT DOES IT MEAN !!!!!!???


  • The first line identifies the diameter of the electrodes you intend to use (for example 2.5 mm)

  • The second line indicates the number of how many electrodes of this type you will use in 10 min (in our example 7,3 )

  • The third line indicated the actual welding time at your disposal compared to 10 min of the welding power (in our example  the  93% )


 summing up : 


  •  1st column: I can weld with an electrode from 1.6mm to 40 amperes for 10 minutes without the welding machine blocking, consuming 10.3 electrodes

  • 2nd column: I can weld with a 2.5mm to 55 Amp electrode for 10 minutes without the welding machine blocking, consuming 8.3 electrodes

  • 3rd column: I can weld with a 2.5mm to 80 Amp electrode for 9 minutes and twenty seconds (93% of 10 minutes), consuming 7.3 electrodes.

  • 4th column: I can weld with a 3.2 mm to 125 Ampere power electrode for 6 minutes, consuming almost 5 electrodes


The greater the power supplied and the diameter of the electrode used, the lower the utilization cycle will be. When the welding machine overheats it automatically locks to allow cooling.

Caution. While the welding machine cools it MUST NOT BE OFF!



How to choose the inverter welder according to the data plate

  • If you are a professional you have to choose a welding machine that can weld continuously without pauses and that can also use larger electrodes
  • If you need to use the welding machine in the home  for small repairs you can also buy  a welding machine with lower performance and shorter work cycle (over time that the welding machine cools you have any way to work on the piece, change the electrode and do all the other ancillary operations at work you are doing)


3rd tip

How much should I invest?


3. Choose your budget?


1st tip

Choose the level


2nd tip

Time of use


The two previous tips have made us understand how to choose an inverter welder :

  • to weld small details - mainly hobby use

  • for small and medium jobs - semi-professional use - more constant over time

  • for all circumstances - professional use - continuous over time


the best inverter welding machine 

the best welding machine  

to buy the best inverter welding machine we have to:

  • understand our needs

  • choose a product with adequate performance

  • choose the right accessories

Errors to avoid

choose the welder to avoid mistakes

  • welder too powerful
  • save on accessories
  • rely only on the price

Performance and Price


Generally the performance goes hand in hand with the price:

  • DIY lovers- welders with more measured performance - medium / low investment

  • Professional user - high performance - high investment – professional inverter machines

Choice of accessories


choose the price performance welding machine

Accessories are an important component while shopping:

  • electrode holder clamp

  • clamp for the mass

  • connection cables

  • mask   

It is better to buy the welding machine already complete with all the accessories

Welder + accessories kit

choose the kit welder

Buying the welding machine and accessories aside costs more.

summing up

 Buy inverter welders without accessories only if you already have accessories and a helmet mask.

 Choose to buy the inverter welders with case and accessory kit ready to weld immediately without further expenses. The Telwin catalog offers all the best solutions for your every need.




Lineonline recommends the purchase of the Telwin Force 165 inverter welding machine:

  telwin inverter force welding machine 165 

The Inverter Telwin Force 165 welding machine is one of the most popular welding machine models. In the version with the mask included it can be used immediately and in total safety, and thanks to the free accessories, no further purchases are necessary. The reduced consumption and absorption means  that this model can also be used at home or in the garage without affecting the normal domestic network  



1) Reduced consumption

2) Complete kit for immediate welding

3) No overload to the power grid

4) Can also be used at home.



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