U Power Safety shoes

U Power Work Safety Shoes: the absolute favorites

If you think you have already seen them on TV or other places, you are not wrong: U Power is the most renowned brand for work safety shoes. Quality is always rewarded: UPower has received patents on an international scale, and the materials used are incredibly advanced. Ultra-comfortable and convenient, U Power work shoes also are chosen because they combine safety, comfort, and beauty. Yes, you read right, these shoes are also lively design. Just think that there are more than 24 lines: from low to high shoes, from summer to winter. Choose your favourite ones!


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Written on 05/07/22 by Erika C.

U Power work safety shoes: a vision for the future

The U Power work safety products perfectly reflect the values, lifestyle, choices, and policies of the company U Power, whose mission is to protect the worker without having to give up style and aesthetics. Polyester fabric and poly oxford are just two of the regulated and high-quality materials designed by U power; however, this should not make one think of complicated or uncomfortable materials to wear; through innovation and change, U Power shows a comfortable, all-Italian style even in the field of workwear and in addition, the attention to detail makes its products perfect even in the leisure time. In short, a winning mix to satisfy everyone's needs.

U Power work safety shoes are designed and engineered to offer the best safety and comfort in the working environment, able to withstand the most demanding conditions typical of heavy industry and able to withstand the coldest temperatures to the highest..

In today's market, the best-known shoes are undoubtedly the U Power are the shoes designed by workers for workers. No doubt you've already seen them on TV, and many of your friends are already wearing them. This is the world where applied technology does not need many words but is in action. Numerous internationally recognized patents show that the techniques used are unprecedented.

There is a wide choice of the numerous lines of U Power shoes, each specific for the type of work and worker, ranging from high top to low top shoes or from summer to winter.

You can also choose the most comfortable shoe for your foot based on the shape of your sole: fit 11 standard comfort guarantees a fit without constriction and natural all day; the super comfort 12 and extra comfort 13 for those with a wider or particularly wide sole.


U Power Red lion shoes: the line that returns energy

U Power Red Lion safety shoes are the result of the innovative and technological research of U Power. They are high-performance shoes. The collaboration between U Power and the BASF group gave birth to the first expanded TPU material (E-TPU = Expanded Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) Infinergy.

TPU foam is a very light and elastic material that allows you to cushion your movements with considerable energy savings, full freedom of movement, and reduction of muscle disorders. Energy is stored when the foot adheres to the ground and released in the detachment phase with an upward thrust. You have dozens of reasons to buy Red Lion footwear:

  • it is light and flexible
  • withstands the strongest tractions
  • resists abrasion
  • high impermeability
  • attractive look
  • resistance to both low and high temperatures (from -20 to + 40 C)

With the Red Lion U Power shoe, you can face full-day crouching, kneeling, climbing up and down the stairs repeatedly, doing long stretches of travel, staying in the same position for long periods.

All this thanks to natural flexibility over the entire surface of the foot, a sole, elastic and lightweight, which can adapt to any terrain ensuring stability, an upper, always by the designer elegant, soft and enveloping for maximum comfort of the foot. Red Lion work shoes are made with first choice full-grain leather and ultra-breathable textile fibers.

U Power Red Up Work Safety Shoes

The U Power Red up a line of safety shoes feature a wide variety of models. This line has been designed to improve comfort. Thanks to its High Rebound technology, ensures a return of more than 40% of energy over the entire surface; allowing an increase in your performance over time. All of them comply with the EN ISO: 20345:2011 standard and this line, thanks to its assortment, includes both S1 and S3 class shoes. This makes them suitable for any occasion and in any environmental condition. Designed to satisfy the tastes of all, it is impossible not to notice its variety of colors: from the most discreet to the most vivid. Some with similarities to the most loved tennis shoes and others in plain colored nubuck leather are suitable for those who prefer to stay in the classic or those who do not want to change their shoes during a short break. Those with the closure system with Boa avoid dismantling and are the top part for those who consider water repellency as a fundamental characteristic for their shoes.  

U Power Red Carpet shoes

U power, to satisfy all classes of workers has broadened its horizons, creating a "reverse" technology compared to that of the U Power Red up: energy is no longer released, but on the contrary.

U Power stands out because it creates shoes designed by workers for workers. The peculiarity of the U power Red Carpet line lies in the use of its technology that revitalizes the body areas subjected to stress. The secret lies in a revolutionary molecule that absorbs and relieves stress by reducing the trauma derived from staying long in a fixed workstation. It is a new material free of harmful substances, able to reactivate the circulation, giving relief to joints, and spine. The anti-fatigue mats will be good for pain, and there will be no need to fear the work that awaits you. 

U Power winter work safety shoes

U power winter safety shoes are the result of research and attention from manufacturers, which as a goal have always been to facilitate the life of the worker in the hardest periods of the year: winter and summer forwarded. For this reason, the U winter power packs a set of cutting-edge technologies meticulously tested before putting them on the market, such as the HyperTex technology provides a highly resistant fabric to external agents, and that is why it is ideal during cold seasons.

U Power summer work safety shoes

U power summer safety shoes offer comfort and relief in the hottest seasons, and the reason for this has always originated in the technologies and innovations provided by the manufacturer.  Listing them all, in this case, would be impossible, but we want to talk about the Airtoe Alluminium toecap and Polysoft removable insole. The Airtoe Allumnium toe cap offers total protection despite weighing only 45 grams. It is covered with asymmetric holes to ensure maximum breathability even when temperatures are quite high. The Polysoft insole, on the other hand, has different thicknesses to ensure comfort at 360 degrees. It is made of polyurethane with open cells to ensure breathability while avoiding annoying stagnation of moisture!

White U power work shoes

U power has also decided to devote itself to the production of white work shoes. These shoes are in fact ideal in the field of catering and health care and the strong point of the company U power is that although this type of shoe is quite specific for certain trades, the brand has managed to offer maximum versatility in this case and has not taken anything away from the technologies used in other more generic shoes: from the composite AirToe for the model Surge Grip SB, to the inner lining Wingtex present in the RedLion Blanco S2 SRC!

U Power women's shoes

We spend most of the day at work, and we often think that for this reason, we should give up feeling beautiful, because we must rightly "be comfortable." U Power has also thought of this. Its feminine line includes comfort and lightness but does not neglect the appereance. Female work shoes are often compared to the coolest tennis shoes in circulation and are loved because they represent the final solution to problems on the heels and tendons. The slightly raised insoles make walking more comfortable and are therefore also suitable for those who must stand for a long-time — excellent, guaranteed fit without ever compromising on safety



U Power Yellow: the shoe seen on TV 

Known for its appealing TV commercial, the U power Yellow S1P work shoe model is breathable, lightweight and comfortable. It is one of the latest models in the Red Lion line and its upper combines suede with ultra-breathable nylon. It is also enriched by fluorescent yellow lines that give a touch of liveliness, and its inner lining in Wingtext air tunnel ensures maximum breathability. The Air-Toe Aluminium toecap with microholes allows you to expel the heat inside and keep your feet cool even on the hottest days. All you have to do is try them on!

U Power Yellow

Photo: "Safety shoes U Power Yellow S1P"

U Power Strong: a name a guarantee

U power Strong work shoes are part of the Red Lion line classified as S3 SRC protective type shoes. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, they are the top of the range for the use of techniques and materials that ensure high-level performance. The technical fabric Putek is breathable and at the same time, water-repellent, lightweight, and even durable. It seems strange, but in the case of U power, the opposites reconciled! Besides, this fabric is subject to 1 million cycles in direct contact with abrasive and corrosive materials. The midsole in Infinergy, which cushions the energy and defaults the foot, are just two of the qualities of U Power Strong

U Power Summer S1P: ultralight shoes

U Power Summer S1P safety shoes are the lightest and most breathable shoes you can try on in the safety world if you suffer particularly from the heat and can't stand the idea of having your foot moist while working. They are particularly to be comfortable, especially on the heel and to be beautiful!

The technology used for this type of shoe is called Putek and uses woven yarns directly in the fabric with very high resistance to abrasion.

U Power Verok S1P SRC: women's happiness

The U Power Verok safety shoes are inspired by the classic U power fuchsia lines, meaning they do not even look like work shoes, but we assure you that they have everything to be it. They are particularly appreciated by those who have to stand for many hours. The reason? U power collaborates with BASF (world leader in the production of polyurethane foam products), and together they have created an innovative blend of closed-particle foam and thermoplastic polyurethane that absorbs energy and releases it immediately afterward. In this way, the foot does not get tired and can even withstand the dynamic and hectic pace of work.

U Power Prime S3 SRC: walk without fear

The U Power Prime S3 SRC work shoes are particularly suitable for workers who have to walk long distances daily. What makes them super safe in walking is the thick PU sole, with well-defined tread and grooves that prevent slipping on surfaces, partially covered with liquids and oily substances and also, the Save & Flex Plus anti-perforation foil integrated into the upper guarantees the protection of the entire sole


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