Don't worry, be happy is UPowers’ slogan which characterizes their work philosophy: positive thinking towards daily living to take on any situations with a calm spirit and a different vision. Energy, potential, fantasy, professional employees, safety and complete protection and high-quality material are the base of the company’s idea. A daily challenge that UPower must deal with every day, forming internal and external collaborators, creating a network of positive thinking, and if spread transforms the work world!

UPower's main goal is the worker's safety, at 360°, with unique and incredible workwear and safety shoes, some of the best that you can find in the safety industry.

After advertising and commercials on national television, it was proven that UPower was the most appreciated brand by millions of users with unique needs, which have chosen them for their job. The customer is considered an excellent collaborator of UPower, who follows their wishes and satisfies their needs.

Whoever chooses UPower will surely be happy!


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  1. U-Power Matt S3 SRC CI ESD Low-top safety shoes

    U-Power Matt S3 SRC CI ESD Low-top safety shoes

    Autumn/winter - upper in water-repellent Putek star - toe cap Airtoe Aluminium - DGUV 112-191 - Red Leve line - New U Power advertisement with Gerard Butler
    As low as £73.74 Regular Price £86.79
  2. U Power Fun Work Bodywarmer

    U Power Fun Work Bodywarmer

    All seasons – 60% / 40% polyester cotton -
    As low as £37.69 Regular Price £51.42
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Items 1-30 of 436

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Witten on 21/07/24 by Erika C.

U Power: always in line with fashion trends

U Power is one of the most famous brands in the world of accident prevention, and it is no coincidence that you have seen one of its always cheerful and lively TV commercials. These reflect the company's philosophy, which is: don't worry ... Be happy!

Behind this mantra is the belief that positive thinking, and confidence in your abilities, are critical to face life with a smile and be successful. It is with heads held high that UPower confirms its commitment to being a safe benchmark for improving the quality and lifestyle of workers. In line with its intentions, U Power dedicates a large part of its investments to the development of numerous technologies, which continue to favour working life every day, in perfect compliance with an essential requirement in the accident prevention sector: safety.

U Power safety shoes

U Power safety shoes are a safe haven for those who are looking for a comfortable, innovative and functional work shoe. The brand in question is mainly known for having created the famous work shoes capable of returning energy at every step you take. It sounds like science fiction, yet it is not: the U Power safety shoes of the Red Lion line, thanks to the high level of cushioning, can return more than 55% of energy.

This shows how the company does not profess words without content, and all its features and discoveries have a certification and a precise name:

  • Save & Flex plus
  • Stress Out System
  • Air Toe
  • Hypertex
  • Boa Fit System
  • Natural Comfort
  • Wingtex
  • Putek
  • Gore - Tex

Save & Flex plus

During the production phase, U-Power uses only high-quality Save & Flex Plus material, which refers to the exclusive metal-free puncture-resistant insole. This, compared to other insoles on the market, is distinguished by being:

  • lighter
  • flexible
  • safe because it is sewn directly onto the upper
  • perforation resistant at 1100 N

Stress Out System

This technology is applied to the tongue of the shoe on which the laces are laid and is the result of careful ergonomic studies based on the most common demands of workers. Among its strong points are:

  • differentiated density padding
  • reduction of stress concentrated on the instep
  • comfortable walk


Thanks to AirToe technology, the safety toe cap of U Power safety shoes allows the foot to breathe, responding to the frequent need for breathability when it comes to working footwear. All this happens thanks to the:

  • the synergy between the asymmetrically perforated toe-cap and the special micropore membrane
  • elimination of sweat in the form of water vapour 
  • impermeability even after many hours of intensive use

Boa Fit System

The Boa Fit closure system is used in various sectors, including sports and medical. Instead of the classic "jib" closure, the Boa system consists of three parts: an adjustable micro wheel, extra-strong lightweight laces and low friction lace guide. Among its advantages are:

  • Reduced contamination from ice, dirt and oil
  • the possibility of not having to take off work gloves
  • higher durability and resistance over time
  • wheel and laces guaranteed for the entire life of the product on which they are integrated

Natural Comfort

Natural Comfort 11 is applied to the fit of the shoe and has been patented by monitoring the foot in situations of maximum effort and load. You know that after many hours of work, the foot tends to swell, but with this innovation, you will enjoy:

  • wide natural fit
  • long-term comfort
  • absence of constraint during the entire working session


When we talk about individual protection, there are several characteristics to be respected and implemented. Still, one of the main ones to which we must pay maximum attention is undoubtedly the molecular structure of the shoe. By choosing U Power, you will benefit from Wingtex technology, which it guarantees:

  • high breathability
  • moisture absorption and dispersion thanks to its special microcells

Putek - Hypertex

Putek refers to a new, extremely resistant fabric that combines high protection and lightness. In general, an excellent fabric resists abrasion tests on average at 51 thousand cycles, while Putek, thanks to the Hypertex technological system, reaches and exceeds 1 million cycles! It is even eight times superior to Cordura 1000, which has always been one of the most resistant fabrics used in the production of safety shoes. By choosing Putek, you will have a shoe:

  • comparable to a real armour.
  • lightweight
  • waterproof
  • flexible


The Gore-Tex membrane consists of microscopic pores 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times larger than a molecule of steam. That's why work shoes with this system can keep feet dry and comfortable. Also, among its many qualities, stand out:

  • impermeability above the requirements of EN ISO 20345/347
  • Breathability up to six times higher than the standards 
  • duration four times longer than specified in EN ISO standard

U Power workwear

In addition to the production of safety shoes, U Power is also fully dedicated to the production of high-performance workwear. U Power's workwear ranges from simple T-shirts to trousers and jackets. What they all have in common is the uniqueness of Italian design and the constant ability to meet all work requirements: from heavy industry to the most extreme weather conditions. For this reason, U Power is also a leader in clothing, and it could not be otherwise since, despite its success, it continues to evolve and expand its horizons, creating new and current lines.

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