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Updated on 23/05/24

Uvex safety shoes: light and comfortable

Uvex safety shoes are particularly appreciated for their lightness and flexibility, and therefore for the comfort they provide during work. Uvex shoes are designed for both men and women and are very similar in design to trainers. The wide range of footwear we offer will allow you to find the perfect shoe for you. You can choose according to season (summer or winter shoes), according to height (high or low shoes), but also according to protection class:

  • Safety shoes Uvex S3
  • Uvex S1P SRC safety shoe


Uvex safety shoes prices

Uvex safety shoes range in price from a minimum of €86.90 to a maximum of €148.90. Each shoe is made from high quality materials and the best technologies are used in each production process to ensure maximum protection and comfort. So, it's safe to say that Uvex shoes are very good value for money and always try to keep up with fashion and a wide range of needs.

To guide you in choosing the perfect Uvex safety shoe for you, we provide you with a ranking of the 3 most popular models by our users:

  1. Uvex 1 S3 Safety Wellington boots  SRC ESD 85172 → €99.90
  2. Uvex 1 Sport S1P SRC ESD Safety Shoes 65942 → €98.50
  3. Uvex 2 S3 Safety High Shoe  SRC 65032 → €131.90


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