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Written on 18/04/24 by Linda T.

Uvex: Personal protective equipment

Within the Uvex PPE catalogue you will find:

  • Uvex face masks
  • Uvex goggles
  • Uvex helmets
  • Uvex gloves
  • Uvex safety shoes


Uvex face masks 

Uvex face masks are made of high quality materials to ensure maximum protection while guaranteeing breathing. All masks are able to protect the person from airborne viruses and bacteria. The models of Uvex face masks differ according to their protection and use in:

  • Uvex FFP1 face mask
  • Uvex FFP2
  • Uvex FFP3 face masks


Each Uvex goggle has been manufactured with not only protection in mind, but also the wearer's need to feel comfortable and not feel discomfort behind the ears or irritation around the chin area. We therefore recommend that you purchase Uvex FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 masks if you wish to protect yourself without feeling uncomfortable or annoyed by the fabrics.


Uvex goggles

Uvex goggles, over-goggles and face masks are particularly appreciated by our users because they rest gently on the face and protect it from all eye hazards. Unlike other models, goggles fit snugly against the skin and protect the person working in contact with harmful substances and dust. 

The best-selling Uvex glasses of the month were:


Uvex Helmet  

Uvex safety helmets and hard hats protect all types of workers working in environments where there is a risk of objects falling from a height. The catalogue includes classic helmets, helmets with earphones and helmets with visors.

Each helmet is designed and manufactured to protect the head from possible hazards, but also strives not to weigh too much and create discomfort in the neck. So, with Uvex helmets, you can work in comfort without feeling the excessive weight of the helmet.


Uvex gloves  

Uvex protective gloves are designed for different types of work, to protect fingers and hands from substances that risk damaging the skin. The gloves are elastic and adapt perfectly to the shape of each hand, adhering perfectly and protecting against possible dangers.

The gloves most appreciated and most requested by our customers are:  


Uvex safety shoes

Uvex shoes are also very popular and increasingly in demand: comfortable, sporty and suitable for different types of work, the footwear you will find in this section will allow you to work in comfort and protection. High, low, winter, summer, kitchen shoes, etc. Each shoe caters for both women and men, offering aesthetically pleasing, sporty models with an excellent price/quality ratio.

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