Winter safety shoes

On winter safety shoes have great visibility and importance. We provide our costumers with a vast selection of this kind of workshoes: high and low top, waterproof, breathable and safe. Precisely because of their protection and safety characteristics, winter shoes include a considerable part of the safety footwear on the market.

The versatility of this type of safety shoes is proven by virtually unlimited uses in extremely different situations. For instance, they are an ultimate tool for those who work for long time in "hostile" environments and in unfavorable weather conditions, like construction workers, farmers, lumberjacks and sanitation workers or for workers in constant contact with water or freezers (fishermen, butchers, irrigation systems technocians, people working with pressure washers). This kind of safety footwear is also recommendeed for street rescue operations or for very hot environments.

The elements that ensure the high level of safety of this work shoes are anti-slip outsoles, anti-perforation soles, insoles with different thicknesses to adsorb shocks,  breathable internal linings which keep the foot dry, sturdy upper shoes seamed precisely and with materials resistant to abrasion, thermal excursion and water.

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Written on 30/06/22 by Erika C.

Winter safety shoes: comfort at low temperatures

Winter safety shoes are work shoes suitable for the coldest season. The protection class to which they belong is the S3 and is essential for those who work in cold and wet work environments: In fact, moisture can cause unpleasant problems such as fungal infection, so the instep is a fundamental element for this type of shoe that acts as a "filter" and gradually eliminates all residual moisture. Choosing the right pair of shoes during the coldest days can make a difference, increasing your performance even in the most adverse conditions

The best winter safety shoes

The best winter safety shoes should be able to combine waterproofness and lightness. Waterproofing is an essential factor because during the winter season rains are persistent; however, we mention lightness because, although it is cold in winter, the weight of a heavy shoe is noticeable throughout the year and ... Never neglect safety! The S3 protection class is designed precisely for the winter because it combines the waterproof upper part with the anti-puncture sole

Waterproof winter safety shoes

Waterproof winter safety shoes are a must for those who work in humid environments, outdoors or in direct contact with water. Our waterproof safety shoes made of Gore-tex: a waterproof fabric and at the same time breathable with microscopic holes that allow perspiration while maintaining the impermeability of the material intact. By choosing among our best brands, you will have nothing to fear, even in the case of extreme conditions such as thunderstorms: your feet will remain safe and dry!

Diadora winter safety shoes

Speaking of the ideal combination of impermeability and lightness, Diadora safety shoes are the best. While maintaining its waterproof and non-slip properties, the Diadora winter footwear is super light and has a varied style. From high shoes to those low, with bright colors for the most colorful personalities and neutral colors for those who prefer to play it safe while remaining in the classic. And if you're a sporty person ... and even if you're an athlete, Diadora will satisfy you!

U Power winter safety shoes 

The U Power winter safety shoes will also meet your most specific needs: from models designed specifically for work on sloping roofs to winter work shoes with quick extraction, to avoid the most unexpected and imminent dangers. The design of each shoe takes in consideration workers in the most diverse areas in mind: if you are a mechanic, a carpenter or a barista, U Power will find a way to perfectly adapt to your job, offering you maximum comfort and safety.

Cofra winter safety shoes

The Cofra winter safety shoes combine taste and imagination in the most diverse fields: from welding to gardening, Cofra is continuously updated to meet your needs, and this is the reason why over time, it has taken giant steps in terms of technology, but also from the aesthetic point of view. Also, if you have just entered the world of safety shoes and are still not familiar with the types available in the market, but you need a shoe urgently ... With Cofra, you will only have to choose a suitable safety shoe for all stations, and you will be ready

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