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The warm, protective, comfortable, convenient, practical, easy to wash and maintain work coat is ideal for working in the coldest season with freedom of movement.

Technical fabrics, innovative, safe, free of substances harmful to the health of the worker, are the trend followed by the companies represented in our online catalog; precise, robust seams, inserts that differentiate the parts most subject to wear, models, with a unique design, enhance these garments so indispensable for all workers who have to face everyday environments and situations marked by cold and bad weather.


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Written on 30/06/22 by Erika C.

Work coat: comfort and safety

The work coat is an essential garment to work at its best. It will protect you from low temperatures and give you a softness that will make even the most arduous of trades enjoyable. Working in optimal physical conditions almost eliminates fatigue or, in any case, after a while, makes it go into the background. If you are feeling cold, completing a job could be challenging and also can influence your mood and as a consequence your safety. The discomfort can be avoided by choosing high-quality work jackets, with warm and cozy fabrics that are at the same time, elastic to guarantee comfort and freedom of movement. If you decide to combine this garment with the correct line of work clothes, complete it with safety shoes, so you can be proud of having balanced safety and comfort at the highest level!

Winter work coat

Winter work jackets differ from mid-season jackets, mainly in the padding and the fabric. Winter jackets have several layers and most of the time they are waterproof because the cold season brings rain and thunderstorms, not to mention snow ... This is nice to see, but it is an obstacle because it becomes difficult to physically reach the workplace when it snows, let alone without the right jacket. Although you can discredit the theory that illnesses are associated with cold, the fact is that after not being properly protected, changes in our body temperature can have an impact on our health! Protect yourself as best you can and make sure that seasonal influences are only a distant memory by choosing from our best brands, which have been working on formulating new technologies for years.

Subzero work coat

Keep in mind that, besides the "natural" cold dictated by winter, there is also the cold caused by some machines such as cold rooms.  How to behave in these cases? If you work outdoors or in places where you reach -5 ° C below zero, aim to choose jackets with thick and insulating padding.

High visibility work coat

The high visibility work coat is a type of jacket used mainly against road hazards. Thanks to the reflective inserts, it guarantees maximum visibility both day and night. During daylight, the jacket lights up thanks to the fluorescent colors. While during the night, it is visible thanks to the retro-reflecting bands that light up through the light emitted by the headlights of a car or artificial light in general. An ultra high visibility jacket can send light back to the source, whatever the angle of incidence.

We do not recommend to look for special cost savings for this type of jacket, because the quality of materials in this delicate field can make a difference.

Cofra work coat

The Cofra work coat offer a variety almost outside the box. The particularity of this brand lies in the ability to make work clothes that seem classic garments suitable for Saturday night outings. If you find it hard to believe, take a look at the Cofra Quebec work jacket or the Cofra New St. Vincent work jacket that even has the military-fantasy variant! Its fresh and modern style does not exclude compliance with the strictest standards in terms of safety. Cofra garments are multi-tested before being launched on the market, and Cofra passes the tests with flying colors.

Diadora work coat

Diadora has always stood out because, in addition to being one of the leading brands in the world of accident prevention, it is famous for having designed highly used clothing even in the sports field. Diadora garments can easily be worn even during leisure time because their distinctive elements are sobriety and elegance; a case in point, in this case, is given precisely by the Diadora Workwear Jacket Easy Work, whose variant in white is the maximum of finesse to the end that you can use it even outside the work context and no one will ever realize that in reality, it is a safety product

U Power work coat

U Power work coats have a unique, original and safe style. Unique because the professionals employed in the company continuously work to develop advanced technologies regarding fabrics, because among the innovations offered by our site you will even find coats so light in terms of weight that it will almost seem to you to wear a sweatshirt and secure because, despite lightness, U Power work clothes are perfectly able to protect the worker, so much so that the brand has also dedicated itself to the creation of high visibility work coats and as always, even in this case, it has perfectly hit the mark.

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