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The most fashionable work sweatshirt, in strong vibrant colours or in solid colours that hide work stains. Made with natural or technologically advanced materials, you can find them on our website. The businesses we support are inspired by the current fashion trends, making pieces that are practical for every need, paying attention to colours, finishing, accessories and stitching. They are equipped with a hood, with a high-quality zipper in the middle that can be opened, with open or closed pockets, inserted nets under the armpit to guarantee air flow, padded fabric for the colder seasons, prints that give character and style to the piece.... Browsing the selection of products in the workwear category, you can "create" your look having fun and spending the right amount!


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Written on 05/07/22 by Erika C.

Work sweatshirts: the favorite clothes of all time

What's more comfortable than a sweatshirt? Answering this question is quite difficult because it is a garment that we usually wear to spend time at home: it comforts us and its softness offers a unique freedom of movement. If you are a lover of this garment, you will be glad to know that when browsing our site, you will find sweatshirts with which the most exhausting work can be done with total comfort. Whether in fleece lining or in a simple mixed fabric, the sweatshirt is an absolute necessity in the world of clothing and we are sure that by choosing the right brand, you will also wear it outside the workplace!

Fleece work sweatshirts

We have no doubt that even before its introduction in this field, fleece workwear was the dream of many in the coldest seasons ... The reason is easy to understand for everyone: even if exposed to outside, in contact with the skin, fleece is still a warm and enveloping fabric. In addition, unlike wool, which is a fairly delicate material, fleece is comfortable because it washes easily in the washing machine and does not shrink, which is no small thing if you consider that work clothes are washed very often ... Choose the best for you and do not give up the pleasant feeling of heat when you breathe cold air outside!

Hooded Work Sweatshirts

Actually, there is a more comfortable sweatshirt and it is the work sweatshirt ... Hooded! What better solution for those who are not lovers of hats, or even worse, can not stand them, but work in places exposed to current and do not want to run the risk of getting sick? When choosing this type of sweatshirt you will have the advantage of putting on and taking off the hood when you want, a detail to take into account during small daily tasks ... It is not a simple hat and even women will be happy to keep their hair away from moisture, BUT pay attention to the quality of the product and the seams, which in this case are the main parts of the hoodie! 

Zippered work sweatshirts 

The zippered sweatshirt is a quick and comfortable solution for the intermediate seasons: You can wear it with short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts and the convenience of being able to take it off with a single gesture also has to do with safety. If, for example, you get caught by mistake somewhere or if, unfortunately, you set fire to it, you only need one simple, quick gesture to get rid of it, and the zippered sweatshirt is right, it's always been modern and we've all, at least once in our lives, worn it even during our free time.

Work sweatshirts - prices

If you are looking for a garment that is not too sophisticated and, above all, economical, the work sweatshirt is perfect for you... On our site, you will find sweatshirts from 10 euros! Choosing the sweatshirt according to your needs is very important: for a more serious job, opt for slightly more expensive but also more equipped models, this means with pockets, hood, and cuffs that are particularly soft and elastic for better mobility of the wrist and hand. In both cases, you will not spend more than 50 euros.!


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