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Workwear identifies specific categories of workers who operate mainly in the construction, agricultural, metallurgical, and mechanical sectors; garments designed to give comfort, safety, high wearability, and freedom of movement. Overalls, full suits, each model studied with details that underline the different categories of the sector for which they have been designed: multi-pocket reinforced, open, with flap, reinforced knee area to facilitate movement or padded to provide further comfort, adjustable braces with snap closures, patented zips to quickly close and resist prolonged wear, long sleeves or sleeveless for those who suffer excessive heat or can't stand feeling "forced" in a suit


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Written by Erika C. on 01/07/22 

Workwear: useful tips for your purchase

Usually, each trade corresponds to a specific dress code. These rules apply above all to the industrial, healthcare, but also the catering sector. Work overalls, for example, are essential in environments where it is likely to come into contact with harmful substances. Workers must wear them, to prevent injuries or burns caused by boiling liquids, acids, or chemicals in general. In these cases, wearing overalls as work clothes is a great decision, because as a single item, it will cover parts of your body that you did not think were at risk of external agents. On the other hand, a t-shirt or a pair of work trousers could easily be raised or lowered with an abrupt movement. The overalls designed to avoid this type of inconvenience, but at the same time to guarantee maximum freedom of movement in the workplace.


Mechanical overalls

The job of a mechanic involves specific work clothes because when carrying out repairs or assembling mechanical components, it is often necessary to adopt uncomfortable positions. Probably, the first image that comes to mind when thinking about this job will have been the mechanic underneath the car, engaged on repairing what was damaged or replacing a piece. By now, we know that repairs take a long time, and having to stand still in the same position is tiring. For this reason, it is good that those who work in the workshop wear comfortable work overalls. When choosing your overall, consider the fabrics, because it will have to be washed frequently (often at high temperatures) to get rid of grease and oil. So a mixed fabric would be more than adequate.

Agriculture overalls

It may seem strange, but even in the agricultural sector, overalls are in high demand by users. One of the reasons why this garment is so popular is related to the possible contact with allergens or insects, whose bites could be fatal for some subjects. We recommend for the agricultural sector, overalls with zipper closure to protect against the risk of entanglement, and for higher speed, if there was a need to get rid of it immediately. So, as always, everything originates in one essential factor: safety.


Thermal work overalls

The thermal overall is the result of experience and research to ensure protection against low temperatures. These overalls are not only popular for those who work outdoors in low temperatures but also for those who work in cold storages. In this case, the overalls are usually made in layers equipped with padding that insulates from the cold. Summer overalls are made with lightweight fabrics in natural fiber and highly breathable; these are the most requested by workers who work in road maintenance. Despite being super light, the overalls remain unchanged for your safety.

Cotton work overalls

Cotton overalls are the most popular in hot seasons because cotton is a fiber of natural origin, and its advantages are endless. Cotton has many qualities, such as being light and having high mechanical resistance. All this makes cotton overalls keep you fresh and safe during the days with high temperatures. The workwear made from this fabric is a real cure-all when it comes to the so-called "infernal temperatures". Apart from a few precautions in the washing and ironing process, it only offers advantages for the workers!

Work overalls

The work overalls will be the new summer relief: comfortable, breathable, and light, the overalls are a versatile garment with which you can wear the clothes you prefer. Being sleeveless will give you a feeling of freedom, and the ergonomic suspenders are comfortable because they are designed to face intense work sessions. No discomfort or heaviness on the shoulders and above all, freshness! Choose your favorite model by browsing our catalog, and the heat will no longer be a fearsome enemy

Red or green overalls?

The colour of a workwear overall may seem irrelevant at first glance, but in reality, colour is important. Red overalls are very popular, especially in the transport and logistics sectors. Indeed a typical corporate colour and most importantly is sufficiently eye-catching to facilitate a possible reporting. Green instead is a prevalent colour in the gardening sector, because it refers to the colour of natural areas. From what you can guess, it is an almost purely aesthetic issue compared to the first case.

Cofra work overalls

Cofra has always stood out for having invented garments with the latest and most advanced technologies behind them. Even for overalls, Cofra didn't think otherwise. Most of the models are made with super-smooth and wear-resistant zip fasteners, reinforced knee area, and enhanced pockets, to prevent objects and tools from falling. In short, Cofra is a brand with a reputation for high quality and value

Diadora work clothes

Diadora is perhaps one of the best-known brands of all time, not only in the world of accident prevention but also in the world of sport and its design makes its clothing suitable for every type of occasion. The Diadora work overalls on our site have elegant colours, and the quality of the fabrics does not fear comparison with other brands. Superior finishes give these overalls an unmistakable appearance, and the comfort they offer is no less. And the prices? See for yourself, and you will understand!

Sale of work clothes online: quality at the lowest price

Today everything is sold online, and our grandparents would never have imagined they could even buy overalls with just one click. This is undoubtedly a huge advantage, especially for those with a hectic life and almost no time to go out. However, it is essential to pay attention to which site to choose, because many of these are resellers, whose reliability level is unknown. Lineonline is the official retailer of the most renowned brands in the world of accident prevention, and despite a large number of orders per day, it continues to offer unbeatable prices!

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