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You will only find the best safety footwear on our on-line catalogue! Discover our selection of the best safety shoes on the market and you will certainly find the perfect model for your feet! On you can buy a wide range of shoes of the most prestigious brands: our models are fashionable, innovative and their colours and fabrics are unique but absolutely safe.

Our safety shoes are equipped with a vast number of upper shoes varying both for materials and typology: grain leather, nubuck leather, breathable fabric, water-proof Gore-Tex, suede, high-tops, low-tops, perforated, with laces or straps. The anti-slip outshoes are made of different types of materials: rubber, polyurethane and EVA, in order to have a better adherence on every kind of surface.  

For those who love gardening, it is important that their footwear has all the safety characteristics to protect them from any contact with sharp blades; for those who work in sanitary or food environments, the shoes must abide by the hygiene regulations in force; for those who work in construction or in particularly dangerous situations, very safe shoes are needed: with toe caps, anti-perforation midsoles and water-proof material in Gore-Tex.

Our aim is obviously not to see the shoes we sell in fashion shows, but rather to see thousands of workers just like you wearing them!


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Which are the best safety shoes?

At we provide our costumers with an accurate selection of the best work shoes on the market and all the models shown are available in stock in order to guarantee the delivery within 24 hours from purchase.

However everyone asks us the same questio: which safety shoes are the best?

Considering the wide range of products and the structural differences among them, it is not possible to give an answer universally convincing: work shoes are items with a high technological component and a brand may obtain excellent results with one component and whorse with another. 

Moreover, all users have difference tastes and preferences: one might prefer safety shoes that are soft and flexible, whereas another my prefer workshoes that are sturdier and give the impression of being rigid and protective.

For specif information on the different types of safety shoes we suggest you read our consumer advice


stewart gordon - 21 Jul 2021
I am looking for lightweight and waterproof safety footwear.

Hello Stewart, 

We have thought of a category of super light shoes for you: in this section you can find waterproof models and choose the one you like best.

Best regards 

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