For workwear we all have different tastes, just like in our free time, and everyone has their own unique style: dynamic, young, fashionable, solid, resistant, functional and most of all, safe! This is LineOnLine's style, this is what you will find in our workwear categories. The importance of wearing the best item, the one that suits your activity the best is essential for working well, with greatest comfort and safety. The labels we collaborate with are the best of the market and have entirely fulfilled every need of a constantly improving market: from builders to cooks, from electricians to engineers, from farmers to dentists, from hairdressers to pastry chefs, from cashiers to waiters... every job is treated with respect and nothing is left to chance: socks, t-shirts, undershirts, sweaters, trousers, vests, jackets, safety shoes, blouses, coats, and much more. We supply workwear that is resistant, strong, efficient and pays attention to colour and fashion without giving up safety and reliability.


Women's workwear

Fashion, comfortable and safe - Choose the right feminine item for you

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A wide selection of workwear: trousers, jackets,vests, reflective vests, t-shirts, sweaters and much more. An accurate selection and inspection of high and percise quality to guarantee maximum quality, comfort and protection.


  1. Workwear Online
  2. Cofra Workwear


Online Workwear

From 2012 Lineonline went from being simply an expert of the sector to a real leader and guide for workwear on the market (in addition to safety footwear, sandals, and safety boots). Luckily, in the past couple of years, safety at work has become a crucial factor and following these rules is a requirement. Every industry must reference specific regulations and based on this it is our job to guide the buyer towards the correct types and models of workwear.

Our experience in this field has brought us to carefully select our suppliers and to cancel all those who were not able to guarantee these fundamental characteristics:

  • Quality raw materials
  • Solid and long-lasting stitching
  • In stock clothing
  • Only quality products

We communicate directly with the consumers, whether they be independent buyers purchasing one, two or more items, or companies looking to buy uniforms for their employees (therefore they ask for estimates and offers for large purchases), our mission is that to only offer quality products in brief time. To reach our goal, while waiting to launch our own brand on the market, we have turned to:

  • Cofra
  • Diadora Utility

 Cofra Workwear

Cofra is one of the leading brands regarding workwear, safety shoes, work gloves and breathing and eye protection. Its strong suit is its ability to put together every consumer need, creating measured products able to fully satisfy their needs and expectations. Cofra values high quality products, meaning flexibility, solid and firm stitching, long lasting items. Whoever buys a Cofra product will be sure to have bought a product that will last in time and will guarantee all the necessary protection, and, of course, comfort for the user.


Quality, safety, and competitive prices on Line On Line

The choice of which item of workwear to wear during your activity should be done with extreme care and it is better to always choose the top brands. Lineonline has selected some companies that have been working in the industries for years, to guarantee greatest safety and comfort to their clients during their daily work.  The recommendations of workwear from Lineonline include reflective high visibility vests and jackets, padded jackets, trousers in technical material suitable for low temperatures during the winter, coveralls, helmets.

LineonLine would like to remind you that wearing the right workwear is especially important because it is an additional tool that guarantees protection and safety in any weather or temperature condition.

Our work clothing is especially aimed towards workers who work in risky locations and conditions, on worksites, streets, motorways, scaffolding, or in the medical and catering industry.


Choose the best

Buying workwear is one of the first safety precautions for all employees working in elevated risk settings, for example, firefighters, builders, construction workers or medics.

Moreover, the correct workwear allows the effective execution of businesses and, if chosen correctly, it helps to limit strain and it contributes to giving a very professional image towards clients, suppliers, and citizens.

On Lineonline, in addition to the items, you can find detailed descriptions of every piece of clothing, instructions and the characteristics of the materials, that way you can choose wisely. LineonLine has some of the most convenient prices of the market and you can take advantage of periodic sales for workwear, or even for tools. Purchases and deliveries are quick and safe. All the brands on sale guarantee the highest quality.

Accident protection and wintry weather

To be able to choose the best workwear for yourself and for you coworkers, you must think about the quality of the materials, of your needs and the conditions at work. Autumn, for example, is the best time to consider updating your wardrobe since the weather becomes cold. Jackets, thermal trousers, protective gloves, hats are the most requested items in autumn. During the warmer seasons, on the other hand, requested items are button downs, light weight cargos and jackets, vests, all made in highly protective materials to guard from impacts, risks, and unexpected events.

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