Industrial Starter

Industrial Starter is a company that produces safety clothing and safety shoes for over 50 years: Italian style, technological research, comfort, quality while always considering the safety and protection of the user. The products in our online catalog offer a wide selection for the perfect pieces that will protect whoever wears them.


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Industrial Starter: professional quality clothing for over 50 years

Footwear, clothing, and harnesses and equipment for every job: on LineOnLine you can find a wide assortment of Industrial Starter pieces. For over 50 years company from Vicenza, is one of the most important in the safety and workwear sector.


Starter Safety Shoes

Light, practical to wear and made with the best technologies. Industrial Starter safety shoes guarantee absolute protection in any work setting. They are made with anti-perforation insoles and steel toe caps which protect the foot from impacts and compressions. You can find them on LineOnLine and don't miss out on the unbeatable offers.



Abbigliamento Professional Industrial Starter Clothing

Industrial Starter's workwear is comfortable and resistant, ideal for carrying out any type of job. Industrial Starter offers a vast assortment of pieces, for example, isothermic and anticold clothing which varies from padded trousers to coats and coveralls. All articles are equipped with comfortable pockets, big enough for carrying tools, with special support to guarantee movement flexibility.



Industrial Starter: professionality and competence

Industrial Starter has always been an affirmed business for workwear and safety products. They have always put quality first, investing time researching resistant and practical materials for their clothes.


Industrial Starter: the story of a great brand

Industrial Starter was founded in 1962 in Vicenza, producing rubberized cotton raincoats. Now, they are an affirmed business in the world of workwear.  Starting from rubberized cotton raincoats, they moved on to making PVC raincoats, to then making clothing and accessories. The company chose to invest time and money in researching computer systems to guarantee maximum quality for their customers.

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