Worx: its futuristic vision

Worx is a renowned brand in many areas such as home, garden, hobby, and leisure. Its products follow continuous research and innovation, and this is why "they grow together with you and your personal needs." Our clients "adore" most of their products but they especially love the following ones:

  • worx saw
  • worx drill
  • worx lawn mower 

In addition, his brand stands out for having designed a line of rechargeable batteries much more powerful than the traditional ones. Also, they are available in a single block, so you won't have to buy other batteries and chargers you don't need. The goals of Worx? Save your money and avoid waste. Browse our catalog and take advantage of it too! 


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Joffrey - 23 Dec 2020
Good evening, I'm browsing your website and when it comes to Worx garden lawn mowers I've just seen "worx cordless lawn mower". Are they actually cordless?

Dear Customer, yes they are all cordless!

Lily - 23 Dec 2020
Hi everyone I've purchased a worx saw on your website but I can't start it. Can you help me please? I need it for cutting some wood for my stove

Hi Lily, I ask you please to write an e-mail to our customer service: [email protected] They are going to help you as best as they can!

Arya - 23 Dec 2020
Dear Sir or Madam, what's the difference between a worx battery and a "common" one?

Dear Arya, the main difference is that Worx batteries are usually more powerful than the others, meaning that Worx has a team who worked hard in order to achieve this final purpose! In addition, they are also rechargeable!

Nick - 23 Dec 2020
Hi, I’m looking for a Worx pressure washer but I actually can't find it. My sister bought it a year ago and she told me it’s great for cleaning her patio

Hi Nick, unfortunately, they are not available at the moment and maybe that's why you can't find them anymore. We'll keep you updated anyway and thank you for reaching us!

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